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May 13 2022

Happy Friday! Beautiful weekend in store and plenty happening in the area! Unscripted on Fridays becomes Freedom Fridays and today our guest was Pastor Ellis Smith. As soon as we can begin to upload programs we will do that, and we have quite a few to catch up on! We look forward to doing that!

Here is a line up of Monday -Friday on WMPL

6-8 Coffee with K

8-9 Unscripted: We're all here cuz we're not all there! Mary Ann and Kris, or Kris and Mary Ann, depending on who gets to the mic first! The show name explains it all! Earlier this week one of our topics was seahorses, sea monkeys, and palm size monkeys you could order from magazines! We take our silly style seriously! By the way, not to brag, but just a little, .... The work we do together in the morning as a team was recognized by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. We have our award at the station so come on by. Mary Ann suggested we take pictures and sign autographs but that is going too far and I straightend her out. LOL As Yoopers we don't like to boast , however I think it's important to know that the station you listen too takes pride in what we do and we work hard to bring you something that makes your day a little least interesting!

Freedom Fridays every Friday between 8-9 a.m.

9-10:30 or 11:00 ( Depends what we're talking about)Superior 906

Superior 906 picks up where Jan Tucker left off after fifty plus years! We have listeners that have become such good radio friends they are part of the show! Brady and I(Kris) get the show started and we count on the wit and talent of Mary Ann, Jackie, Fred, Frosty, Kenny Lee, Eric, Ike, Jan, the Joke Guy, Ann.....and the list goes on! Join us!


Mary Ann is in the Captains chair and I join her for the Super Saver Hotline. We have collectively saved listeners over the years, thousands of dollars! Local businesses offer coupons which you buy ! Simple and guaranteed entertaining! The more you buy, the more you save! Shop Local and laugh with us while your saving! A traditional show here on WMPL with hosts that are original and love to talk with you....on the air! We aer a talk station so don't be shy!

You are cordially invited to listen, learn and laugh every day with us right here on WMPL 920 AM/107.3FM.

Well this was fun but it's time to go. Bye.

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