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6;00-6;45  am
D & K on J & J

Dirk Hembroff and Kris Kyro wake you up with news, sports, weather, community announcements, and relevant topics pertaining to the day, time, and season. Live every Monday through Friday morning.

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6:45 - 6:50 am
Patriotic Moment

D & K begin their Patriotic moment with music and time to reflect on our country


6:50 - 7:00 am
Pastor Brian Mason

Pastor Brian Mason shares scripture and conversation with our listeners. Prayer requests are encouraged!


7:00- 8:00 am
Kris Kyro

You and Kris Kyro will share this time which features news, sports and weather at the top of the hour. You're encouraged to call in your birthday and anniversary celebrations so she can put on the air and share with your friends. Funeral announcements can be heard during this hour as well, and if there are any topics or songs you'd like to hear or discuss, please call 906- 482- 1330.  

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8:00 - 9:00 am
UNSCRIPTED with Kris Kyro and Mary Ann Schulze

 "We're all here, cuz
we're not all there"
Unscripted is an hour of nonsense. We never know what is going to happen...or say for that matter. Much like life. You are hereby invited to listen to the lunacy...and as always...feel free to call in. Random Guy does and so have many others.

freedom friday.png

Freedom Fridays during the Unscripted hour!!

Freedom Fridays takes place every Friday and is the ONLY program of its kind in the four county area! Kris and Mary Ann host this call in program which is all about what is happening in our country… now. We have special guests and we also have call in programs where our listeners share a thought or opinion. Freedom Fridays is sure in inform and entertain. Tune in and see for yourself!! Join us for Freedom Fridays! Where you have the speak freely!


9:00 - 11:00 am
Superior 906

Kris Kyro and Brady Guilbault

Brady and Kris… sometimes Mary Ann and Jackie... Often times Fred and Frosty, Ann, Kenny Lee, Eric, the joke guy, and... all of our friends from the U.P. and across the country! Superior 906 picks up where Jan Tucker left off and we are happy to report that Jan calls and shares her time and stories with us. She has yet to stay a full two hours when we ask her to, but we're not giving up! Mary Ann and Brady wrap up the show with jokes. Family friendly of course and just what you need to start your day with a smile!


11;00 am - 12:00 noon
Super Saver Hotline

Mary Ann is joined by Kris for the Super Saver Hotline! Local businesses offer goods and services that you need, and we save you money on those goods and services by providing coupons at a reduced price! WMPL has saved community members COUNTLESS amounts of money with the Super Saver and we'd like you to save some money too!! Join us for entertainment and savings every weekday.


Noon - 10 pm

Noon - 3pm:  The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, a conservative talk show

3 pm - 6 pm: The Huge Show by The Michigan Sports Network. huge opinions and big name guests from the world of Michigan sports.

6 pm - 10 pm: The Zach Gelb Show by CBS Sports Radio. compelling sports talk and the best industry guests.

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