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M is for the state that we all live in, A is for the attitude we bring, B is for the beaches that ..

....surround us and MAB is now whose praises we will sing!

MAB is short for the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. Our work together in the morning earned us some recognition from our peers which we are happy to share with you. As Yoopers, nobody wants to brag, however I do think it's important to acknowledge the fact that you listen to station that is serious about being funny! We wanted to share the joy with you as it is a statewide competition and our local station works hard in and with our community. It's also special because even though Mary Ann and I have known each other for a time..ok...a long time....We have never worked together on air before.

In short, thank you for being a part of what we do! With each call, letter, and email, we continue to keep the airwaves entertaining, interesting and informative.

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