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Unscripted: We're all Here, Cuz were not all there!

Unscripted is a program that really started back in the 80s at a kitchen table(was it yours?) when Mary Ann and I started hanging out. We would amuse each other with our wit...which is completely bonkers. For the first time in our radio careers we are working together on air. We quickly learned that what had us howling with laughter in her kitchen and mine, was just the way we are on air and decided to have acontest for possible show names.

Our colorful audience of listeners called in their suggestions, mailed them, or dropped them off at the station. Believe me it was a difficult choice because there were so many clever, sometimes hysterical suggestions. We even had suggestions for where we could go! Seeing as we both like sunshine, we chose Unscripted: We're all here cuz were not all there.

The entire program is off the top of our heads and we never plan ahead or write a script. (That would be impossible) We keep it light, we laugh alot, our listeners pipe in sometimes (that is if they're not shaking their heads in disbelief) and we drink alot of coffee. I may have accidentally poured a cup of coffee in Mary Anns purse once and she's doused me a few times accidentally too, but it's all good. We recover quickly.

Join us to see what you've been missing. We've lost our minds.

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