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Friday June 3, 2022

Hardly an earth shattering headline, but at least you know it's Friday! What a fabulous day on air! Angie Carr was our guest on Freedom Friday, Karyn (Mrs. J) from CCISD joined us, Senator Ed Mcbroom called in, had a conversation with Garrett Soldano, played some polkas,helped you save money with Super Saver Hotline, laughed alot, (our listeners are smart AND funny!) and it's the end of the week! IT"S ALL GOOD!! Have yourself a wonderful weekend and join us Monday for more of the same. Every day is a special day and we want you to be with us. Steven Tyler singing " I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" would be the only thing that could make it better! haha See you Monday!

I imagine there's coffee and nisu on your table when you're listening from home.

so ...NYT NAURA (now laugh)

The people in this photo include: Sherry Saarinen, Kris Kyro and Linda Kyro when we traveled across the U.S. and Canada to perform

Sauna Night on the Farm. We were called Nyt Naura with the Soumalainen Sisters. I (Kris) wrote the play about growing up Finnish in the U.P based on the comedy of my family. One day I'll tell you more. Due to time constraints, you're on a need to know basis, (hahaha) and for the moment that's all you need to know. You DO need to remember to drink strong coffee, eat fresh nisu and always keep your radio tuned to WMPL 920 FM / 107.3 FM

What can I say? Our guests are colorful.

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