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Everybody Working for the Weekend...or working this weekend?

As you can tell by the smiles here,all are looking forward to the weekend. The photogenic group in the front have been working hard at Griffins Family Cafe all week and invite you to taste the fruits of their labor! Griffins is located in the Jutila Center in the old Kangas cafe..Same location, new owners, and delicious food! Sure to become a favorite. Mary Ann and I enjoyed the Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. Since I live here I can't write home about it because I am home. So...this is awkward. Just go to Griffins! Please don't ask Mary Ann to sing the Jambalaya song. She thinks there is a line in there referring to "Billy Gumbo" and wants to meet him. I'm so embarrassed.

Have a great weekend and join us next week!!

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